After 24 hours of intense hacking, HSHacks is finally drawing to a close. With over 700+ hackers present and 100+ projects created, things couldn’t have gone better. We’re very excited to be kicking off the 2014 Spring/Summer Hackathon season with a bang! 

Middle School Students and High School students alike spent 24 hours hacking at Paypal’s San Jose headquarters. High level sponsors, including Microsoft, Dropbox, and Pebble provided free swag, devices, and prizes to assist the hackers with their projects.

If you did not attend the event, be sure to check out the ChallengePost page for the list of projects. 

The top projects at HS Hacks are:

  • 1st Place: SyncSync synchronizes all your notifications across all platforms including iOS (iPad & iPhone), Windows, web, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Google Glass, Pebble smart watch, and more.
  • 2nd Place: TextShell: Get your Facebook notifications and unread emails without data or wifi, but via text.
  • 3rd Place: ChemWizChemWhiz lets you quickly find the molar mass of any chemical simply by typing its formula. Convert between common units like moles, liters, and grams and view at-a-glance information about every element in the periodic table.

Some of our favorite projects include:

  • TypID (Pearson API Prize): An online web application for use by students and teachers to work on and submit homework assignments. By analyzing students’ typing patterns, typID verifies the user’s identity, similar to a two-factor authentication method.
  • PenPen is a free, open-source chrome extension that allows you to collaboratively annotate any document or web page in real time.
  • ChewsChews is a student-created project that first started off as a simple idea. It offers a unique food search engine, the first of its kind. Users can discover new delicious restaurants through the revolutionary search method.
  • PaycheckA new way to send money: through the power of SMS.
  • DispatchDispatch is an imap email client built off of web technologies. It has been built to be very simple, stylish, and secure.

Regardless of the prizes, HSHacks gave a 24 hour preview of how exciting computer science could be to over 300 students. Talks by Sam Altman (YC President) and Jeremy Rossmann (MakeGamesWithUs) inspired students to pursue programming and building applications in their free time.

Big congratulations to the HSHacks Team for their successful event! The second event of the Spring/Summer Hackathon Season is coming up in two weeks, so be sure to attend HackBCA. (and don’t forget SoHacks coming up during the summer!)

Jimmy Liu        March 9, 2014

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